Pick Up Information

Pick Up information for Hotel and Serviced Apartment

Hotels or service apartments Pickup , BE READY at least 10 minutes before the scheduled pick up time and wait at the GROUND LEVEL. Use the Hotel Express Checkout. Very busy hotel may take up to 1 hour to checkout.

Some hotels do not have any SAFE pick up at their front door ( Example Super tramp stop outside Ibis Budget or during Clearway zone where infringement cost $400). Do inform VHA operator +61390170674 or +61385600915 and arrange a SAFE pick up point.

Pick Up information for Home, units or establishments such as hospitals, office or public areas EG Hospital, Train Station

Pickup is at GROUND LEVEL for home or residential apartment, you MUST BE READY at least 10 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.

Do inform VHA operator +61385600915 and arrange a SAFE pick up point.

VHA Airport Bus reserves the right to change your pick up time to assist in the smooth and efficient pick up of all travelers and a timely arrival to/from Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine)

Note due to unforeseen traffic conditions, there maybe a 10-15 minute positive or negative variance from the scheduled pickup time. You will be advice of any changes.

During off peak period, book the pick up at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before Check-in time. Please add an extra 30 minutes to 1 HR during peak hour traffic ie. 9-10AM and 3PM to 6:30PM. Your pickup time may be amended to allow changes in traffic conditions so that the bus logistic run is the most efficient. You will contacted you via sms text, e-mail, direct phone call to you or your hotel reception.

Remember that it is a Shared Airport Shuttle Transfer service and may have more than one drop offs and pickups. You are responsible for enough time getting to your destination. (Please refer to Terms and Conditions)

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  • After you had collected your luggage, contact VHA AIRPORT BUS +61390170674 or +61385600915 that you are ready for your transfer. Exit Terminal T1 (Qantas), T2 (International), T3 (Virgin) or T4 (Jetstar and Tiger) towards the Tullamarine Melbourne Airport Forecourt (Refer Map ) by crossing 2 pedestrians crossing. Travelers from International and Qantas can use the LEFT exit, walk across 2 Pedestrian Crossings. After the 2nd CROSSING immediately turn RIGHT and cross a third little crossing into the Middle Lane where all the mini buses are waiting. Walk pass the brown bus stand HOTELS and RENTALS until you reach blue bus stand GROUPS and CHARTERED and wait for White Toyota bus with HUGE GOLD letter V. Jetstar and Tiger travelers must make their way to Virgin Terminal pedestrian crossing. All Jetstar, Tiger and Virgin travelers must cross 2 Pedestrian Crossings to arrive at the blue bus stand GROUPS and CHARTERED ZONE L where vans and mini buses stand on RED bus lane. Please wait for White Toyota bus with HUGE GOLD letter V. In your DIRECT sight is Park Royal Hotel and 20 feet tall HUGE MELBOURNE sign.
  • This service is not Time Table based and is shared with other travelers who may be arriving from various flights time. Do turn on your mobile /cell phone (including Roaming International numbers) for us or our drivers to contact you. ONLY call for the bus once you are ready with your luggage and you had cleared customs. If your luggage is delayed another bus will be scheduled for you. There are public phones available or use assistance from MELBOURNE Information Service desk to call +61385600915. AIRPORT FREE WIFI to access WEBCHAT to contact VHA AIRPORT BUS url www.vhaairportbus.com.au or www.vhaairportshuttles.com.au If you require a more urgent transfer from the airport when you arrive, notify us and we will amend or cancel your booking so that other travelers are not disadvantaged.(Cancellation Policy applies)
  • To counter loud airport background noises, IMMEDIATELY upon LANDING set your phone SOUND TO LOUD and set it on VIBRATE.

Remember, we are always on site and only a phone call away! +61385600915

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